What Top Networkers Know About the Travel Industry That You Don’t

Have you ever noticed that most people when they asked if they won the lottery or inherited a bunch of money say they would take off on a vacation somewhere or start traveling the world. For millions of people travel is their number one way of enjoying what this world has to offer.Whether it is spending time on a tropical sandy white beach with jade blue water, playing golf on world class courses, or seeing the pyramids at Giza for the first time, people love to travel. Relaxing on the beach, soaking up the sun, enjoying the cool breeze or enjoying the nightlife at a resort… you can feel the stress of work and everyday life just melt away. A vacation to a beautiful relaxing resort can be exactly what you need to feel alive , release stress and create the memories that make our lives so rich and rewarding.Now savy marketers know that when you have a product that people really want , that satisfies their desires to unwind, rejuvenate and explore new adventures is a very powerful draw. People love to take pictures on vacation and share them with others because these are happy and joyful times. Now if you have a product that has a huge demand that people will save all year to purchase and then take pictures and movies and share with family and friends then you have a strong chance of being successful.The Baby Boomers are coming !The market for travel is huge , it’s a $7 trillion industry, growing at a 23% rate. The baby boomers are just starting to retire and they are not going to stay home in a rocking chair on the front porch. This is a huge tidal wave of people whose kids are grown up and they have the largest amount of disposable income of any generation in American history. A large majority are now ready to start traveling and seeing the world. They have worked hard their whole life and they have plans to get out and enjoy themselves.Right now the economy in the US has made it very difficult for the average person to achieve a six figure income even lots of high paying corporate jobs are disappearing. You have outsourcing of jobs and downsizing of companies that has created a feeling of lack of security. The market is quickly moving towards a home based business as a viable option. The ability to make above average income and control both your time and your future are huge draws. Also being able to tell your boss you don’t need to put up with his demands anymore can be very satisfying.There are a number of different options for home base business in the Travel area. Each has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. In order to know whats best for you , it is necessary to research and understand what they have to offer and how you will benefit. Now you could spend 100’s of hours doing your due diligence research.What is the product? How do you use it? What is the ease of use? What kind of value does it offer? What are the drawbacks? How do you get paid? Can you make enough to replace your income fast? Are there residual income benefits that will allow you to retire? How established is the company? Are people leaving other travel businesses to join ? Are there quotas and monthly requirements?Or you can take a short cut and see what the trends are. If a large number of leaders from other companies are joining a company that can be a very good sign. Are the leaders offering professional marketing systems and training for team members? That shows an investment in your future. Will you be competing against your sponsor or will he or she be rewarded for helping you succeed? Working with you instead of against you will have a huge impact on your long term success.